Revitalizing the E-commerce Experience 
Redesign and prototype for a synthesizers e-commerce website
Project Scope
Embarking on a redesign journey for Acidlab, a boutique synth company, I aimed to enhance its online presence while preserving its exceptional customer service ethos. Focusing on three pivotal pages, the home page served as a gateway into the electronic music world, fostering immersion rather than immediate sales. The second-page streamlined product navigation for a seamless browsing experience, while the third page emphasized technical specifications and linked directly to albums created using specific products. This e-commerce overhaul addressed the original website's shortcomings, enhancing Acidlab's reputation for top-notch synth products while improving the online shopping experience.
Inspiration & Research
To capture the essence of the industry's graphic characteristics, I conducted in-depth studies of websites such as Moog, Sequential, Elektron, and renowned nightlife brands like Tresor and Berghain in Berlin.
Two standout elements were the monochromatic palette and the cultivation of a unique lifestyle narrative. These websites transcend mere product showcases; they immerse users in a world amplified by podcasts, articles, and artist profiles, fostering a sense of belonging and community akin to a family