BoM Optimization Platform
IKIDO specializes in optimizing Bill of Materials (BoMs) for hardware companies, providing solutions to mitigate risks and offer alternatives
BoM Management Tool
User data analysis showed the need to improve engagement. This led to creating a BoM Management Tool, making it easier to interact, manage BoMs, and communicate across departments on the IKIDO platform
Personal Work Space: The "Scans" page serves as a personalized workspace post BoM upload, presenting BoMs/Scans in an itemized list with crucial data. A filter sidebar aids in locating specific scans, while tabs toggle between personal and organizational scans, facilitating collaboration and swift access to needed BoMs.
BoMs Dashboard: Upon entering a BoM or scan, users access an informative dashboard for streamlined decision-making. Collaborative features enable interaction and accountability through comments, ownership changes, and an Activity Log.
Component Browser
The design of the Component Browser at IKIDO, which offered detailed part information such as technical specs, supply details, risk assessment, and alternatives, was crucial in showcasing the platform's value to free registered users.
Design Initiation: Six wireframes were presented, prioritizing Information Architecture for the alternative section and ensuring mobile adaptability.
Design Strategy: Utilizing a established design system, inspiration was drawn from search engines and competitors to highlight alternative value and facilitate user comparison.
User Testing and Iteration: Rigorous mockup testing with potential users guided enhancements, validating relevance and prompting further development