BoM Optimization Platform
IKIDO specializes in optimizing Bill of Materials (BoMs) for hardware companies, providing solutions to mitigate risks and offer alternatives
Component Browser
The design of the Component Browser at IKIDO, which offered detailed part information such as technical specs, supply details, risk assessment, and alternatives, was crucial in showcasing the platform's value to free registered users.
Design Process
The requirement was to find valid alternatives for obsolete electronic components. To meet this, I designed a solution that displays real-time data and suggests the best-fit alternatives from over 60 suppliers. This streamlined the component selection process, helping engineers quickly find suitable replacements and improve productivity.
Information Architecture and Wireframing
During the wireframing stage, I created six different wireframes with varying information architectures. The selected wireframe made alternatives stand out, using visual aids to highlight key differences from the original component. The data layout was data-driven, prioritizing content over images to ensure clarity and focus on essential information.
Competitors Overlook
During the competitors' overlook stage, I identified significant shortcomings in existing solutions. Competitors provided poor information views, supported fewer suppliers, and required users to closely inspect each alternative to understand its fit. This highlighted the need for a more efficient and comprehensive solution, which guided my design process.
Finding UX Solutions
To find the best UX solution, I explored products with similar features across various fields. I examined Amazon's item page layout, Versus's fast visualization for comparing different items, and Kayak's method of presenting results while allowing users to choose the best fit based on personal trade-offs like price and flight duration. This analysis provided valuable insights and guided the design process to create a more efficient and comprehensive solution.
Final Item Page Version
Mobile Adaptation