Walk My Dog
Community Canine Companion
Users research, wireframe, interface design, and prototype for a community dog walking mobile app.
I spearheaded the research, wireframing, interface design, and prototyping of a mobile application focused on community dog walking. This innovative platform is tailored to city dog owners, addressing the challenges of managing pet routines amidst the urban bustle.
Envision a revolutionary dog walking app fostering connections among dog owners within the city landscape. Inspired by the community dynamics of social platforms, the goal was to cultivate a sense of community within the urban sprawl through this app.
Research and Development
My journey commenced by delving into existing dog walker apps alongside dating and social platforms. Engaging dog owners provided invaluable insights into their daily time management struggles. These insights heavily influenced the app's navigational structure, culminating in the wireframe foundation.
Identifying the Core Issue
A fundamental challenge uncovered for city dog owners was prolonged periods away from home. The hypothesis was that fostering trust and connections among nearby dog owners would streamline daily walking routines.
User Experience Flow
New User Onboarding
New users are prompted to create detailed profiles for themselves and their dogs, emphasizing crucial values like vaccination status, friendliness, and key handling. This initial profile setup integrates essential information vital for user interaction within the community.
Active User Engagement
Upon login, users can explore nearby dog owners, defaulting to a distance-based display. Customizable preferences via filters enable tailored views such as vaccinated dogs. Scheduling walks notifies other users, facilitates joint dog walks, and enables real-time tracking and messaging during the walks.
Design Approach
Adopting a soothing palette of soft green and blue hues, complemented by charming dog and human illustrations, the design aimed to evoke a sense of community within the app.
The design challenge centered on providing comprehensive information while maintaining a clean and cohesive interface. Utilizing cute, illustrated pop-ups and prompts guided users seamlessly through the app. Building credibility involved user rankings and reviews visible on personal profiles, fostering trust and reliability within the community.